Lunette Menstrual Cup Reviews

Lunette Menstrual Cup Reviews

Lunette Menstrual Cups are arguably the one of the most popular hygiene brands on the market today. And this stems from the fact that not only are they affordable, but also because they offer a wider variety of colors as compared to other traditional brands such as Divacup and the like.

All types of cups under this line are made from soft medical-grade silicone and manufactured in Finland but trademarked in the USA.

Predominantly, Lunette offers two major variants in its line of menstrual cups. These are;

1. Model 1 – Natural Alternative To Tampons

Lunette Model 1

Buy Lunette Cup – Model 1

It is the equivalent of size 1 in conventional brands such as Divacup. However, in Lunette, this entrant variant that is mainly meant for beginners and those that only experience light to normal flow has a capacity of 25ml. It targets young women including teenagers, virgins, adult women who are yet to give birth and those with abnormal short vaginas. Lunette Model 1 is also optimised for the active sportswoman e.g Pilates and yoga enthusiasts.

2. Model 2 – Optimised for Medium to Heavy Flow

Lunette Model 2

Buy Lunette Cup – Model 2

The Lunette Model 2 is the equivalent of the larger size meant for post-baby moms in other brands. It has a holding capacity of 30ml, which also implies that it can be worn for up to 10 hours when experiencing a medium to heavy flow. This type is geared towards women who are either 30 years or those who have had children previously in the past. But it can also come in handy to a young woman who experiences ultra-heavy or inconsistent flows once in a while.

Special Features/Pros

Employs User ‘Friendlier’ Dimensions

Both Lunette’s Model 1 and Model 2 dimensions are a little different from other conventional menstrual cups. For instance, the Lunette is a tad shorter (lengthwise) than most other brands but is still designed to maximise on capacity. As usual, a shorter stem means that the cup is easier to insert and remove and also extra comfortable to use. It also has a storage pouch that collects the menses flow lower in the vagina thereby making it a more convenient alternative in comparison to other cups.


Speaking of dimensions, Lunette’s cups have flat, flexible and solid stems. For this reason, even without getting rid of the stem, if worn properly, it is possible that you will not even feel it when it is inside you.

Smoother, seamless rim

Unlike some brands on the market today, Lunette’s rim is not overly pronounced and neither does it have unnecessary seams. Thanks to this intuitive feature, the cups are easy to clean and maintain without risking fungal or yeast infection with every subsequent use.


Have a Greater Choice of Colors to Choose From

Truth be told, a majority of women today would prefer colored cups over clear/transparent ones any time of the day. After all, no one is really interested in ending up with a badly yellowish stained cup after only a few months of use. In this aspect, the Lunette triumphs over the competition by offering at least six different colors for users to choose from.


Notable Weaknesses

As much as Lunette employs non-toxic, food-grade dye to color their cups, some users in the past have complained of severe allergic reaction to this additive. So if you have a history of spontaneous allergic responses, then you may want to sit out on this one.

Lunette Menstrual Cup


Ease Of Use


Fluid Containment







  • Cup is easier to insert and remove and also extra comfortable to use.
  • Storage pouch that collects the menses flow lower in the vagina
  • Cups are easy to clean and maintain without risking fungal or yeast infection
  • Numerous different colors to choose from


  • Avoid if you have a history with reaction to food-grade dye


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