Glad Rags Moon Cup Review

Glad Rags Moon Cup Review

Have you ever got tired of changing sanitary pads or tampons on a regular basis? Perhaps the cost of such hurt your budget? Well, worry no more thanks to the Glad Rags Moon Cup menstrual funnel. This silicone-made cup is designed to be safer, convenient and eco-friendly compared to sanitary pads and tampons.

How? You would ask. Well for starters, it collects your flow instead of absorbing it like a sanitary pad or tampon. It also reduces discomfort, the expense of dispensing and an end to waste generated by sanitary pads and tampons. Interesting, right?

What’s even better, it comes in different sizes tailored to your preference.


The moon cup comes in two sizes; Size A and Size B. The size is mainly dictated by childbirth and age because they affect the pelvic floor tone. We can agree that different women have different flows that dictate your choice on whether to use a pad or tampon. Well, with the Moon Cup, whether it is a downpour down there or light showers, bring it on.

Glad Rags Moon Cup – Size A


Buy Glad Rags Moon Cup – Size A

This size is designed for women over 35 years or those that have given birth vaginally regardless of their age. It measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length; additionally, it has a 21mm long stem which you can trim to your desired size.

Glad Rags Moon Cup – Size B


Buy Glad Rags Moon Cup – Size B

Size B of this menstrual cup is designed for women who have not given birth, are below 30 years or have given birth through a caesarean section. It measures 43mm in diameter, 50mm in length and also has a 21mm stem which you can trim to your desired size.



Interesting fact, this hygiene cup can last for ten years. My initial reaction was what the hell? Who sticks the same thing in their cookie for at least three days a month, 12 months a year for ten years? However, the moon cup is washed with water and mild soap before using it again. I mean, it is prone to decolouration with time, but its effectiveness remains.

The average woman uses up to 11,000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime, these all end up as waste as opposed to the Moon Cup menstrual cup, that’s a definite tick.


I know women who have had issues down there because of the perfumes and absorbency gels in pads. Worry no more ladies, the Glad Rags cup is healthier as it contains no hypoallergenic, dyes, latex, toxins, BPA, plastic, phthalates or bleaches. It has a non-absorbent nature that prevents dryness and keeps your natural PH levels normal.


The Glad Rags menstrual cup is cheaper not only in its actual price but also in the fact that it can be re-used for a very long time. That right there ladies is some extra cash on your budget for maybe a pair of shoes or a dress.


What’s that? Your purse can’t carry extra sanitary pads, so you need to compromise your fashion for sanitary pads? Well, you only need one of these to last a whole day. 12 hours to say the least.



Due to its size in diameter, the Moon Cup requires folding before insertion. Yikes! The process can really put you off if you do not like touching your privates when it’s that time of the month, but then again, are those not the laws of nature?


Some women and even men, faint at the sight of blood. Because you have to remove it carefully and pour out its contents after use, this type of women will probably faint multiple every month. The fact that you have to re-insert it again grosses out some women.

Additionally, who would want to see the amount of blood they lose during their period, I mean, the Moon Cup has actual measurements on the sidelines. Talk of self-awareness on another level.

All in All…

The Glad Rags Moon Cup menstrual funnel is the best possible equivalent to tampons and sanitary pads since its invention in the 1930s. Who wouldn’t love a comfortable day or night with no leakage worries, right? Furthermore, its eco-friendly nature and cost maximization are two undeniably good reasons to purchase and give it a try.











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