LENA Menstrual Cup Review

LENA Menstrual Cup Review

The LENA Menstrual Cup was developed in California from 100% US medical-grade silicone and dyes. The FDA-registered Menstrual Cup retains period blood from your menstrual flow so you can stay dry throughout the day. It is an affordable choice compared to other Menstrual Cups that are priced at $40. The LENA Menstrual Cup is about $25 at the time of writing.

After initial use, Despite the firmness of the LENA Cup, it opens really easy and most women don’t have any trouble with insertion, removal or leakage. Whether you are a beginner looking for a starter cup or an experienced user looking for different alternatives the LENA Cup is an affordable choice providing the best value per dollar. I haven’t had to deal with their customer service, but based on reviews I’ve read they seem to be very helpful and responsive.



Like most other brands, the LENA Menstrual Cup comes in two different sizes.

The LENA Menstrual Cup Small Size


Buy LENA Menstrual Cup – Small

The LENA Menstrual Cup small size is marketed to Normal Flow users. Women who have not yet given birth or under the age of 30 should be using this model. The small size is 1.81”/46mm in length and 1.57”/40mm in diameter. The capacity holds up to 25ml of flow, so if you flow more on your period than normal you may want to consider the Large size.

The LENA Menstrual Cup Large Size


Buy LENA Menstrual Cup – Large

The LENA Menstrual Cup large size is catered towards Heavy Flow users. It is designed for Women past the age of 30 or those that have carried a pregnancy and given birth vaginally. The large size is 2”/51mm in length and 1.77”/45mm in diameter. The LENA Menstrual Cup holds 30ml.

Special Features/Benefits

Economic Choice

Priced at $25 making it very affordable compared to the leading brand DivaCup. If you’re not sure if Menstrual Cups are right for you and want to try it out, the LENA Menstrual Cup is an affordable option.

Designed and Manufactured in California, USA


Made from US medical-grade silicon and dyes, the FDA-registered Menstrual Cup is designed to capture all your menstrual flow during your period. LENA is one of the few cups on the market that is registered with the FDA. (Food and Drug Administration)

Excellent Customer Service

I was blown away by the number of positive customer service reviews I came across while doing research for this brand. Here’s a screenshot of one of the reviews.



The total length of both models is 71 mm. That’s the length from the tip of the stem to the bottom of the cup. This is not a good choice for those with a low-medium cervix.











  • Economic Choice - Priced at $25 making it very affordable compared to the leading brand DivaCup
  • Designed and Manufactured in California, USA. Made from US medical-grade silicon and dyes
  • FDA-registered Menstrual Cup
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • The Stem is a bit long - could be a problem if you have a low cervix


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