FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup

Tired of bulky sanitary pads and ineffective tampons? Boy oh boy, do I have news for you. The FemmyCycle menstrual cup, they don’t make them like this anymore.

Despite being less pointed at the base and more cylindrical than other models, the FemmyCycle cup guarantees no leakages and has a low cervix model that will be welcomed with open arms by women with a short vaginal canal.


The best thing about the FemmyCycle menstrual cup is its accommodation of the different ages in a woman’s life. Other models mostly make two designs with the only difference being whether you have given birth or not.

However, with this one lady, you do not need to worry about that.

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup – Low Cervix Size

Femme Cycle

Buy FemmyCycle – Low Cervix Size

Now we all know it is uncomfortable when you have to come up with a different walking style every couple of days in a month because of a big tampon. Additionally, not all the ladies have the same depth down there which may prove uncomfortable for most, so the FemmyCycle made a low cervix model.

Only 50mm in length, it is the shortest of all menstrual cups ever made but still holds the usual capacity of 30 ml, fantastic right?

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup – Regular Size


Buy FemmyCycle – Regular Size

This one is for the women who have been sexually active, have an average level cervix or have had children. Three issues tackled by just one size. You do not have to worry about its fluid accommodation either as it holds light to very heavy flows, I mean, the type that gets you checking your clothes every few minutes.

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup – Teen Size


Buy FemmyCycle – Teen Size

As for the teens that have just discovered the monthly ordeal they have to deal with, the FemmyCycle is ideal for you as well. For a virgin, inserting cups down there is a big no-no, which is fully understandable. But if you are familiar with using tampons, the teen size FemmyCycle cup is not as different since it is made for light to medium flows holding up to 17.5 ml of fluid.


This is the first menstrual cup that accommodates virgins and smaller women. How you ask, well no other menstrual cup in history has the low cervix size let alone the teen size. So relax, you don’t have to walk around all day feeling like you have something caressing your inner belly.

What’s even more, it stays firmly in place and doesn’t shift around if properly inserted. This further ensures no leaks. Meaning that you do not need extra pads in your purse, just in case.

You will be intrigued to know that despite the size, the FemmyCycle cup holds 25% more fluid than any other menstrual cup. So you do not have to worry about the nights or days with a heavy downpour.

The ring at the base, as opposed to an intrusive stem, also makes it easy to remove and ensures you do not get nasty while removing it.


One of the strengths of the FemmyCycle cup springs from its design, which to some extent can be a downside – it has a very strong suction which stops leakage. The problem with this is that you have to be extra-careful while removing it since this suction can invert it causing a bad mess.

The large cup shape can also be intimidating for some women, not to worry, though; I share the sentiments for obvious reasons.

The Bottom Line

It has been on the market for slightly over two years now and has gathered a better reputation than any other menstrual cup invented. I can say without a doubt that it is also the best as far as different sizes and zero leakages go.

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup











  • The FemmyCycle cup holds 25% more fluid than any other menstrual cup
  • Not messy and easy to remove
  • Low cervix size and Teen size


  • Strong suction which you be careful when removing


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When Nancy isn’t busy helping her family and her two cats, she’s writes product reviews to help customers make informed decisions. Check out the top 5 Menstrual Cups of 2016.

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