How do I Use A Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual cups collects fluid from inside the vagina. They are created from non absorbent material and capture the fluids resulting from a female’s menstruation period. They should be inserted when necessary, and removed when needing to be emptied periodically – usually 9-12 hours.

Are menstrual cups comfy?

Menstrual cups are considered a very comfortable option and an alternative to tampons and pads. However, some new users may experience discomfort if the cup is not inserted properly. Make sure the correct size and shape is chosen as each woman’s unique situation is different and requires different cups.

I get a lot of flow during my period. Is this right for me?

Menstrual cups are made in different sizes, design, and capacities which can accommodate any type of menstrual flow that a woman is experiencing. Make sure you read our guides and pick the right product for your personal use.

How do you wash these when you’re at work or in a public place?

I haven’t actually needed to dump it while out because menstrual cups can stay in for longer periods of time and collects more than tampons/pads. But if I needed to, I’d use a handicap stall, dump it in the toilet and bring baby wipes to wipe it down or just use toilet paper to get most of it clean and then, if needed, rinse in the sink to get residual paper dust off it.

Why are menstrual cups better for you than other period hygiene products?

Compared to tampons and pads, menstrual cups are more eco-friendly and provide more value per dollar. They take a while to get use when you first start but after a while they are comfortable. Menstrual cups are effective and safe to prevent any leakage

Where can I buy one?

They are sold in pharmacies, drug stores, retail grocery stores, and via direct ordering online through the official menstrual cup brands websites & Amazon.