DivaCup vs Lunette

DivaCup Vs Lunette

With everyone being more and more environmental conscious these days, it makes more and more sense to look into reusable products, more specifically alternatives besides tampons and pads.

Menstrual cups are intended to be Environmental-friendly products to help you deal with your time of month. Today I’m going to compare the differences between the DivaCup and the Lunette and give you my take on which one is right for you.


Both the DivaCup and Lunette come in two difference sizes. The DivaCup suggest using the size 2 cup for those that have given birth (either vaginally or cesarean section) and/or over the age of 30. For those under 30 or have given birth yet, they recommend you use the Size 1 cup.

Lunette recommends which cup to use based on the flow one might have. For those with light to moderate flow should go with Size 1 Lunette cups, while users with normal to heavy flow should go with Size 2.


The DivaCup manufacture recommendations says that you can wear it for 10-12 hours before it needs to be emptied and removed for washing 2-3 times a day. The Lunette also suggest wearing it for a maximum of 12 hours before it needs to be removed and cleaned. With the Lunette cup, I personally found myself changing them every 4-5 hours as a moderate flow user, however towards the end of my period I found myself lasting 10-12.


Both of these menstrual cups are made from medical grade silicon. You can safely boil it to sterilize it in-between cycles and shouldn’t be a problem if you are allergic to rubber latex.

The Lunette Size 1 Cup is more softer than size 2 making it more flexible. I’d recommend this if you are looking for your first menstrual cup and a size 1.


One concern I had when I first starting wearing menstrual cups was whether or not I wanted to get a color cup or not. The DivaCup comes in only one color while the Lunette comes in a variety of different colors to choose from.

The DivaCup is only produced in one color as they claim adding particles along with the chemical additives to bind the color to the silicone increases the risk of the chemical base of the silicon

The Lunette comes in several different colors and claims that they use FDA approved color dye that is use for food and medical use. The colors they have don’t contain any heavy metals so they are safe to use in the vagina. The type of dye the Lunette Cup uses are inside the silicone layer so it’s not possible for the color to leak unlike the cheaper dyes used in other menstrual cups.
A coloured cup can help mask the effects of staining over long periods of use. While the DivaCup comes in one color, the Lunete comes in multiple colors. However, personally the different availability of colors wouldn’t influence my decision on which brand to buy.


They both cost 39.99 in either sizes. The break even point for me is about six months, if I were to buy six months of pads. Switching to menstrual cups was a better leak-free solution for me and was more cost efficient. It was a no brainer after using my first menstrual cup.

Care and Cleaning

DivaCup and Lunette both have there own brand of special wash for there menstrual cup. You can also use unscented soap to wash it between uses. When you’re out of the house and at public washrooms, you can wipe the cup clean with toilet paper. After when you get home you can wash it throughly. Lunette also makes disinfectant wipes for this purpose for when you’re on the go.

Where to Buy

You can find the DivaCup and Lunette on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, it comes with free two-day shipping. You can also find them at your local pharmacy, drug store and grocery store.


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When Nancy isn’t busy helping her family and her two cats, she’s writes product reviews to help customers make informed decisions. Check out the top 5 Menstrual Cups of 2016.

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