A Comprehensive Diva Cup Review

A Comprehensive Diva Cup Review

Historically, Divacup sits atop the women hygiene products pedestal as one of the pioneer menstrual cups to be produced. It enjoys the reputation of being the only ISO 13485:2003 certified brand of its kind. In fact, various products under Divacup line have won numerous awards over the past few years – ever since using menstrual cups in place of tampons became popular.

This brand of hygiene menstrual cups features two major models which geared towards contrasting classes of women. Therefore, whether you’re a beginner shifting from the conventional method of having tampons and pads as part and parcel of your monthly regimen, or an experienced user looking for something better, then you’re likely to find something that fits you under this line.

That said, here are two major Divacup models under which most of their hygiene products fall under;

1. Divacup Pre-baby or for women under 30. (Model 1)

Diva Cup 1

Buy Divacup Pre-baby

Also known as size 1, Divacup Pre-baby is particularly suited for women who have not yet given birth, at least vaginally or those under the age of 30 years. This includes teenagers ( who have used tampons before ) and also women in their 20 years who have been using pads and sanitary panty liners all along. The Divacup Model 1 is 2.25″ in length and 1.69″ in diameter with a capacity of 30ml.

2. Divacup Post-baby or for women over 30. (Model 2)

Diva Cup 2

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Also popularly known as size 2, Divacup Post-baby is specially designed for women who are either past the age of 30 years or those that have carried a pregnancy to term and given birth vaginally. The differences between Divacup Size 1 and Size 2 swings on the hinges of the fact that women have had children previously or those who have sexually active for a longer period require a tad bigger cup than their younger counterparts, e.g., teenagers. The Divacup Model 2 is 2.25″ in length and 1.81″ in diameter with a capacity of 30ml.

Diva Cup

With that backdrop, remember that the size 2 is bell-shaped, and this unique shape allows it to accommodate better the internal structural changes that accompany natural childbirth, prolonged sexual activity, and normal aging.

Special Features/ Pros.

Being a pioneer menstrual cup, Divacup products have several features that make them stand out from the rest. This includes;

  • The line was created and developed by a woman, so cups are made with a ‘first-hand experience’ in mind. Past users have even lauded Divacups to be one of the easiest cups to wear and use.
  • All Divacup products are made from non-toxic, latex-free, silicone based material.
  • Has a unique Easy Grip feature incorporated in the design to make seamless removal and insertion easier and more comfortable.
  • Both models (size 1 and size 2) can be worn for a reasonably long duration of up to 12 hours. Most women are likely to find this very convenient as it will save them the hassle of having to go for bathroom breaks after every two hours or so.
  • All Divacup products have thoroughly tested and proven to be able to contain/capturing odors thus making that time of the month less embarrassing and more hygienic.
  • Made in Canada




Although Diva cups are environmentally-friendly and extra durable, they have a few flaws that are worth pointing out. One of the major ones being that most users complain that they are uncomfortable to use at first, to the point of leaking if not ideally placed. It is also reported that it takes longer to get used to Divacups as compared to other ‘friendlier’ brands.

The Diva Cup


Ease Of Use


Fluid Containment







  • Holds an entire ounce, which is 1/3 to 1/4 of the average woman's flow for the entire period
  • It is non-absorbent and does not dry out the body's natural fluids
  • Easy to clean - most simply rinse with warm water and soap for daily use
  • Made in Canada


  • Most users complain that they are uncomfortable to use at first, to the point of leaking if not ideally placed.
  • It takes longer to get used to Divacups as compared to other 'friendlier' brands.
  • Tiny bit of spotting - probably from blood already lower than the rim of the cup when inserted


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    I’m debating between the DivaCup and the LENA Cup. Should I pay the extra $15 difference? This is my first cup and I’m not sure.

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