Anigan EvaCup Reviews

Anigan EvaCup Reviews

As the world is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and women becoming more and more interested in hygiene products that accord them greater flexibility, the Anigan Evacup has risen to dominance in the past few years to become one of the most recognised menstrual hygiene cups on shelves today. Most women see the reusable cup as a step forward towards better health and comfort levels. All Evacups are 100% made in the USA and are made from soft, eco-friendly material (medical-grade silicone) that boasts of longer durability than an ordinary sanitary napkin.

And like most other hygiene brands today, them Anigan Evacups fall into two categories. I.e

1. Model 1 – Small Evacup


Buy Anigan EvaCup – Small

This model is the equivalent of pre-baby size 1 in other brands. It is designed for those ladies who are yet to give birth vaginally and is a tad smaller than the Evacup Anigan Size 2. And although it can hold only up to a maximum of 25 ml of fluid, it can still hold up for 8-12 hours when one is experiencing a medium to heavy flow.

2. Model 2 – Large Evacup


Buy Anigan EvaCup – Large

It is the conventional equivalent of the post-baby size 2 in other brands and is constructed to accommodate mature women better. These are women who have already given birth or those older than 30 years (prolonged duration of sexual activity). That aside, it can easily put up with a medium to heavy flow for up to 12 hours.

So what makes the Evacup stand out?

Special Features/Pros

Offers a Greater Choice of Colours

It is no secret that we ladies fancy lovely things to the extent of being loyal to our favorite colors. Good news for you if you belong to this category since Evacups stands out conspicuously in this aspect. These menstrual cups are available in seven different colors, which encompasses Moonstone, Sunset, Cherry Blossom, Meadow, Aqua and Chartreuse. Also, the fact that they are colored means that they don’t stain as easily as most other cups on the market today.
So whichever shade you prefer, then you’re guaranteed to find something pretty in this line.

Comes With a Sterilizing Case


Apart from the seven outgoing colors, all Evacup products are packaged with a sterilizing case as an accompaniment. This special sterilizing cups acts as a safe storage hub for the main cup when you’re not on your period. This, in turn, minimizing the risk of infection that comes as a result of using unhygienic cups.

Made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Unlike other sanitary cups on the market today, Evacups are made from 100% silicone. In other words, this implies that there are latex-free, and you’re less likely to have an allergic reaction to the cup regardless whether it is dyed or not.

Offers Exceptionally Excellent Leakage Protection Even in Your Heaviest Flow

Anigan Evacups are specially designed to offer an unparalleled leakage protection as compared to other conventional menstrual cups. And this is not only because that it can hold more fluid than other cups, but also because that they feature a seamless, elastic design that holds on securely on the vaginal wall to prevent accidental spillages.



If you’re sensitive to silicone, you might want to sit out on this one. Research has shown that using such cups can cause vaginal tract infections if the user is allergic to medical-grade silicon.

Both size 1 and 2 have been criticised in the past by reviewers as being too short for some to use. If your cervix sits just inside of your vagina (an inch or so inside) you have a low cervix and should probably choose a shorter cup like this one.

The Anigan EvaCup











  • Offers a Greater Choice of Colours
  • Comes With a Sterilizing Case
  • Made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Offers Exceptionally Excellent Leakage Protection Even in Your Heaviest Flow


  • Made from Medical-grade Silicon - Avoid if you have any allergies to Silicon
  • Criticised in the past by reviewers as being too short for some to use


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